Friday, February 4, 2011


I thought I'd give you all another word of warning before I actually start posting (which I promise to do soon!) Sometimes when I cook, I don't do it all from scratch. I am the kind of person who thinks it's ok to use some "short-cuts" every now and then. So I want you to know up front that it's not all home-made from scratch and no helpers. Because I am much to busy and impatient for that kind of cooking.

I will say however, that I always do try to add a home-made touch to everything. If I am making something with whipped cream, I have no issues using whip cream from a store, but if I can I will add a little bit of vanilla or coconut extract in it to add a little flavor and make it a little less from-the-container-tasting.

So with that last word of warning, I hope you will enjoy the ideas I have. And like I said before, please feel free to share your own ideas as well! Happy cooking! :)

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